Reyaansh… Ray of Love, Light and completeness..

Li’l did I know about love I felt, every time I fell in love…

My Li’l one introduced me with the new horizons of love, she introduced me to Motherhood..

And after many years I fell in love having the same feelings again…

Within 3 days of his birth, I feel a connection with him..

I’m not his mom but he’s definitely my son…

His cry makes my heart shrink..

His smile expands somewhere inside me..

When he sees me with his small pair of eyes.. it just melts my heart…

When he loves to be in my lap… I feel out of world…

It feels so complete to even just feeling like a Mom.. even when u r not the one..

Reyaansh.. Another Ray of Love, another ray of light in my life..

Reyaansh… who I’ll leave a piece of my heart with…

Reyaansh… My li’l champ.. My li’l one…

Reyaansh… who taught me that love can come anytime in any shape, any size .. with relation or without relation…

Reyaansh…¬† I love you.



Balance for life

She was her strength, she was her backbone…

Until she was there, she was never alone…

She worked for hours, and never worried about home

because she had a Mother in Law more than a mom

He cared for her smallest wishes, from her health to her favorite dishes

He gifted her the most precious gift of care and love..

He pampered her like her own daughter and protected her like a little dove

He was his dad by law but no less than a real father..

He was the love of her life and all she could dream of

He was her mentor and a friend too

He was the shoulder she can lean on to

She confided herself in his torso when she was low

He was his support system to carry on the life’s show

Everyone was doing their bit and it made an ocean..

And everyone around called her a happy and Successful woman

She stood strong in heftiest of shove .. What made it possible was her balancing factor Love..






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Bas teri godi yad aati hai maa..

Jab bhi mann bahut bhar jata hai

Jab haar jati hu dunia se main

Jab sab chhor k kahi chup jaane ka mann karta hai

Bas tu hi yad aati hai maa.. bas teri godi yad aati hai maa

Bas tu hi yad aati hai

Koi tujhsa nhi samjhta mujhe maa

Koi tujhsa nhi dikhta mujhe maa

Bas tu hi yad aati hai maa

Bahut yad aati hai


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There are moments..

Moments when I miss the walk taken post lunch almost running with you
And the moments when even smoke didn’t bother and all it mattered was your company..
Moments which I stole to look into your eyes on lunch table
Moments when I stared you from the corner of my eye .. and you being unaware of it…
Moments when I fell in Love with you.. and each inch of my body knew but I refused to accept..
Moments when I want to drink with you to get lost with you and only you…
Moments when I miss the room.. where we confessed..
Moments when I miss the sensation of your kiss on my lips..
Moments when I miss every single moment dipped in your love
Moments when I want to touch you delicately, when I want to caress you..
Moments when I just pray to see you once, to be with you again, to feel loved again
Moments when I want to pamper you, to care and to love you.. all over again
Moments when I just miss you so badly that I cant hold my tears…
Moments I never came out of..
There are moments.. and then they just pass..
Or may be they just stay .. to haunt me everyday
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Count your Blessings

Not everyone is blessed to have a family

Not everyone is blessed to feel loved

Not everyone is being taken care of

Not everyone gets affection from their owns

Not everyone has a loving Life partner, a loving brother or even loving parents..

So no matter even if you are short of money, if life is showing all grey, if life is testing you at every stage.. Count your blessings… Count your family..

For every moment of love and affection.. Count your blessings and Thank God..

For every Kiss your Mumma puts on Your forehead.. count it..

For every need your Papa caters .. Count it..

For every tantrum your siblings deal with.. Count it..

For every smile your kids bring on your face.. Count it…

For every small or big thing your partner does for you.. Count it..

Count it for every single reason….

Because little or more whatever¬† you have is still a miracle for many…

Time flies??

Time really flies… Seriously!!!

Not really… Sometimes not really..

It shrugs to a moment or a bunch of moments…

It hides with petals hidden in pages..

It’s played back with songs of your playlist..

It stays at places from where you pass by again and again..

It hooks to your suit..

It’s pinned with your braids..

It beats with the “Pulse”

It travels with you in car..

It’s marked with your lipstick..

It joins you in for your drinks also in solace..

When does it fly.. it just sticks.. To never go…

To never pass….





Word or world….!!!!


Until u meet one just a word.

and after u get one becomes the world


When you have thousands of stories to tell to people..

and respond with just a smile , its that friend.

When you have thousands of line to say him..

And get short of words, its that friend.

When you do the craziest thing in life

and someone is partner in crime, its that friend

When you pass on a compliment

and prefix it with dumb duffer pagal, its that friend

When you live your happiest moment

And still miss someone, Its that friend

When you are shattered completely

and need someone the most, Its that friend

When you smile irresistibly all alone

And find the reason of your smile, its that friend.

When You get a friend like that,

Just A word turns into the world.